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New Otterbox Armor Series Case iPhone 4/4S iPhone 5/5S Galaxy S3 Waterproof Case, Drop Proof Case

The Armor Series waterproof iPhone 5 case is a rebirth of classic OtterBox protection. Watertight latches, O-ring seals, port covers and mesh coverings allow the Armor Series iPhone 5 waterproof case to be completely underwater, tolerating submersions for 30 minutes in up to 6.6 feet of water. Vents made of a non-permeable membrane and protective mesh layer allow sound to move through while keeping harmful elements out. The exterior of the case features advanced materials that protect the device from 10 foot drops. The high-strength reinforced plastic of the Armor Series waterproof iPhone 5 case can withstand up to two tons of crushing force, while the built-in screen protector prevents scratches and damage to the glass display. Get protection that truly inspires confidence with the Armor Series iPhone 5 waterproof case by OtterBox.

  • Case is compatible with both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, but will cover the fingerprint sensor on the 5S. and will NOT work for fingerprint
  • Interior ribbed bed provides a snug fit for the device and absorbs shock. Built-in screen protector prevents scratches to glass display, resists fingerprints and maintains the waterproof seal.
  • Glass camera covering resists scratches while preserving clear and precise images. Exterior material, made of the same incredibly strong plastic used in hammers and industrial tools,
  • withstands 2 tons of crushing force.
  • Port is protected by a silicone plug that acts as a shield for particle intrusion while allowing easy opening access.(case is not waterproof when charging port or headphone jack are in use.)
  • Hinged silicone cover keeps water and particles from entering charging port and opens for easy charging access without removing the case (case is not waterproof when charging port or headphone jack are in use.)
  • Vent covers are made from a non-permeable membrane and mesh layer that allows sound to get out but nothing else gets in


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