Dual AMB600W Bluetooth CD Receiver with Weatherband Tuner, MR6W Boss Audio 6.5'' 180 Watt Dual Cone Weather Proof Marine Speaker System (White), PLMRA400 Pyle 4 Channel 400 Watt Waterproof Marine White Amplifier

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400W Marine Amplifier ,Bluetooth iPod USB CD AUX AM FM Radio,6.5" White Speakers

Dual AMB600W Marine Bluetooth CD Receiver with Weatherband Tuner

AM/FM/CD Receiver with Direct USB Control for iPod/iPhone, Built-In Bluetooth Wireless Technology and SiriusXM Ready This top of the line CD receiver offers robust connectivity to most of today’s popular portable electronics. It features direct USB control for iPodand iPhone devices and is SiriusXM-Ready. The receiver also provides basic control for select Internet radio apps for both wired as well aswirelessly connected devices. The built-in Bluetooth Wireless Technology supports hands-free calling, audio streaming and player controlprofles. The receiver features a built-in 7-channel NOAA weather band tuner, front panel USB and 3.5mm auxiliary inputs, and an SD card input behind the faceplate.
  • RMS Power: 72 watts.
  • Built in Bluetooth, Wirelles calling and streaming.
  • CEA-2006 compliant, MOSFET power amp.
  • Plays CD-R/RW with MP3 and WMA support.
  • USB port for MP3, WMA playback and iPhone/iPod Touch control.
  • Connect Internet Radio Apps, SiriusXM ready.
  • 7 channel NOAA weather band tuner.
  • 3 preset EQ curves.
  • 2-Line, 16-Character White/Black LCD With Blue Button Color.
  • Mobile device, Android Smartphone Quick charge.
  • Detachable face.
  • External microphone included.
  • 4x 2V RCA outputs and two RCA audio inputs.
  • Front panel USB, 3.5 mm AUX input.
  • SD Card Input.
  • Includes remote control.

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Pair MR6W Boss Audio 6.5'' 180 Watt Dual Cone Weather Proof Marine Speaker System (White) (x3)

BOSS Audio MR6W 6.5" Dual Cone 180 Watt Marine/Boat Car Audio Speaker - White Color

 Water Resistant But not water proof. There is a difference between the two. Since the MR6W lives near the water almost all the time, all of the major components such as the spider, surround etc. have been specially coated to have the protection that they need from corrosion that is present in a humid and salty environment.

Voice Coil - Aluminum

One of the most abundant elements on earth, Aluminum is remarkable for its low density and for its ability to resist corrosion. It is nonmagnetic (does not have any magnetic properties) and does not easily ignite. This solid material has the ability to perform under stress in both high tension and high compression environments. Aluminum is relatively soft making one of the more ideal materials to use in voice coils.

Cone - Poly Injection

A substance called “Polyurethane” and is categorized as a “Polymer". It is a resilient, flexible and durable manufactured material that can take the place of paint, cotton, rubber, metal or wood in thousands of applications across virtually all fields. It can be hard like fiberglass, squishy like upholstery foam, protective like varnish, bouncy like rubber or sticky like glue. In the specific case of our cones, this material allows for maximum flexibility that produces great sounding speakers lasting you a long, long time.

Surround - Rubber

Rubber is a synthetic (man made) rubber and is valued for its chemical inertness, impermeability to air and the ability to endure or resist exposure to the many types of weather fronts. Rubber has many different applications. Anywhere from Sports equipment to automotive parts, the medical industry and more. We use them for the Surrounds that connect the cone to the basket. Did you know that most modern chewing gum uses food-grade rubber as the central gum base, which contributes not only the gum's elasticity but an obstinate, sticky quality? Just like that chewing gum, the Rubber Surround in our speakers can take the equivalent amount of abuse without quitting on you.

Tweeter - Mylar

For a modern edge, the best car speaker could be the high tech Mylar tweeter, as it generally has more ability for a wider variance of sound modifications and channel handling. Unlike paper cones, the Mylar has a higher rate of durability, as the cone is made of a plastic poly material, which does not rip or tare easily, under abnormal frequency changes.

  • 1. 6.5 inch Marine Speakers
  • 2. Peak Power: 180 Watts
  • 3. RMS Power: 90
  • 4. Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • 5. Frequency Response: 80Hz – 20kHz
  • 6. Sensitivity: 89 dB @ 1 W/1 Meter
  • 7. Mounting depth: 2-1/4”

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PLMRA400 Pyle 4 Channel 400 Watt Waterproof Marine Amplifier (White)

This Pyle Hydra amp will power your speakers on the dock, in your boat, or by the pool - it's completely waterproof. This 4-channel, 400-watt marine amp takes both high and low level inputs, so it's compatible with a variety of head units and sources. Remote turn/on off makes controlling this amp a breeze. Gold plated RCA inputs means this amp won't be a weak link in your setup. For protection, count on the heavy duty aluminum alloy heatsink to prevent overheating, as well as thermal, overload, and short circuit protection. Comes complete with mounting screws and hardware. Runs on 12 volts DC.
  • IC Power 100 Watts x 4 Output
  • Variable Input Gain Control
  • Power ON LED Indicator
  • High/Low Level Input
  • Remote Turn On/Off
  • Speaker Output Connector
  • Gold Plated RCA Inputs
  • Thermal / Overload / Short Circuit Protection
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Heatsink
  • Load Dump Over Voltage
  • Dimensions: 7.87''W x 2''H x 8.0''L
  • Weight: 3.30 (lbs)
    UPC Code 068888883375

  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty