(2) Kicker 11L712GLC 12" Charcoal Grilles With LED Lighting For SoloBaric 11S12L7 Subwoofer

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2 Charcoal 12" Kicker L712GLC (11L712GLC) Square Subwoofer Multi LED Grills

Kicker L712GLC (11L712GLC) 12" Square Subwoofer LED Grill (x2)

This grille, equipped with multi-color LED accent lighting that can be changed to fit your mood, protects and lights your Square Solo-Baric® L7™ woofers.

  • General Features:
  • Size: 12-inch Square.
  • Accent Leds.
  • Multi Colors: Seven different LED colors options available.
  • LED color chosen by selecting specified wire to attach the positive and negative power terminals.
  • Durable ABS plastic grille to withstand marine, powersport and car applications
  • Weatherproof Construction: ASTM-certified for Salt/Fog and UV exposure.
  • Brass inserts at screw locations for a solid connection to the subwoofer.
  • Grille Color: Charcoal.
  • Optional LED Light Controller (Kicker 41KMLC)
  • Remote can control as many as 20 color changes wirelessly.
  • Also controls brightness, adds strobe effect and randomizes colors.
  • Compatible with 12" Solo-Baric L7 Subwoofer 2011 Series (11S12L7)

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1 Year Manufacturer Warranty