Convert Your Motorcycle into an Entertainment System

Posted by Pinni the Woo on 26th May 2015

It's a thrill. Riding your bike, that is. The engine noise? Not so much... 

Which is why you want to equip your bike with this new one-in-all device. It not only will outsmart and outsing the roar and racket of street, wind, and engine, but will provide you with a pleasant riding experience like never before.

The JVC KD-R85MBS marine CD receiver offers a variety of features for your listening pleasure. You can opt to use the CD slot for your favorite tunes or the handy front USB and AUX inputs. In addition enjoy the benefit of built in Bluetooth and android compatibility giving you plenty of options for your devices.

Outdoor Electronics has to give more than look sharp and provide good sound. It is important for it to be properly built so that it stands up to rough outdoor weather. JVC’s newly designed for 2015 built the KD-85MBS CD marine receiver to withstand the at-times harsh surroundings, with a conformal-coated circuit board that locks out the moisture and protects the unit from the environment. The KD-R85MBS offers plenty of musical sources, useful features, and sufficient sound to break up the noise of the wind and waves.

The leading 1A USB port keeps your smartphone charged while its working. Having your smartphone connected you can use the Drive Change Mode to stream your phones internal memory as one source and control is little microSD card as another. Drive Change enables you to switch from multiple memory cards in a USB multi-card reader or multiple USB thumb drives connected to a USB hub. The KD-R85MPS plays MP3, WMA, and WAV music files be it on a disk or thumb drive.

When using the front USB port for your iPod or iPhone you can gain complete control and quick charging. This JVC’s built-in iPod controls gives access to your playlists automatically. For Pandora or iHeartRadio users, you can control the ‘play’, ‘pause’, ‘thumbs up’, and ‘thumbs down’ from the receivers controls. The 2-way control feature allows you to choose your music using the receiver or phone. If your phone is fitted with Siri Eyes Free Technology, what you can accomplish with Siri can be done through the receiver without touching your phone.

For Android users connect your smartphone via the handy USB port and with the JVC music control app, you get your playlist as well as search stored MP3 music by artist or album. You can also allow the app to analyze your song style and create a playlist that suits your mood.

In short: this is exactly what you've been waiting for!