OtterBox Armor Series Waterproof Case for Galaxy S3 Titanium/Yellow

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OtterBox Armor Series Waterproof Case for Galaxy S3 Titanium/Yellow

The OtterBox "Armor" Series for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is The Toughest Case Ever Built with waterproof, drop proof, dust proof and crush proof features, The Armor Series waterproof iPhone case has been tested to be submersed underwater at 6.6 feet for 30 minutes, withstand a 10 foot drop, allow zero entry of dust or debris and sustain 2 tons of crushing force all while maintaining full functionality of your iPhone. These testing parameters make the Armor Series waterproof case for the iPhone Toughest Case Ever Built. If you're an adventurer, a busy parent, gear collector or someone willing to invest in protection, the Armor Series is for you.

  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy S3
  • High-strength reinforced plastic withstands crushing forces
  • Locking metal latches fasten the two halves of the case together to create a watertight seal
  • Rigid interior and exterior silicone bumpers absorb impact
  • Precision openings allow full functionality of the camera and flash through the Armor Series case
  • Built-in screen protector is bonded to the case for a waterproof seal
  • Non-permeable membranes keep water and particles from entering vents
  • Vent covers are made from a non-permeable membrane and mesh layer that lets sound out but nothing else gets in

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