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Review: ZaggKeys keyboard case for iPad mini

Posted by Pinni the Woo on

We're agreeing with this review of the ZAGG Keyboard Cover Case for the iPad mini.Arguably one of the best the market 

ZAGG iPad mini keyboard cover case

has to offer, this thing offers surprising versatile functionality and a host of useful abilities. 

The ZaggKeys Cover and ZaggKeys Folio are the first two iPad mini-sized keyboards that I can type on without questioning my sanity. Though I prefer the Cover, either is a great option for iPad mini enthusiasts who yearn for an easier typing experience but don’t want to lug around a separate, full-size Bluetooth keyboard.

Right on the mark!

Review: OtterBox Armor Series Case for iPhone 5

Before it became synonymous with heavy-duty iPhone protection, OtterBox was known for its hard plastic, device-agnostic, waterproof boxes. The company's subsequent iPhone cases have remained some of the most protective around for daily use, but waterproofing fell by the wayside some years ago (continue reading...)Get it now!

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Convert Your Motorcycle into an Entertainment System

It's a thrill. Riding your bike, that is. The engine noise? Not so much...  Which is why you want to equip your bike with this new one-in-all device. It not only will outsmart and outsing the roar and racket of street, wind, and engine, but will provide you with a pleasant riding experience like never before.The JVC [...]

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Stream All Your Music to Your Boat Speakers

Great sound should be available in any vehicle and that it should not take a PhD to make everything work! Right? Absolutely correct! And this is exactly what the MB Quart’s Bluetooth Connect has been designed to do. The MB Quart Nautic GMR Marine and Powersports source units are the perfect solution for any vehicle that will be [...]

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What Are You Listening To?

Music plays a big role in our lives. We listen to the tunes to ease a commute while driving and to spice up a fun boat-ride on the water. Which is why we pay so much attention to detail when it comes to choosing the right medium for getting the tunes out and into our listening ears. This all-new, fully-equipped, [...]

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